Andrea Perez


Artist Statement

My work revolve around personified animals lashing out human emotion.

By portraying ravenous animals, I take away people's instilled self control
to lets instincts take over. The lack of norms and structures let out
one's human nature through the primal actions of animals; allowing
desires, lust, and hatred roam rampant with no restraint or regard.

I find my own inspirations from literary works, world cultures ,

the natural world, and my unconscious mind. Modeling the strange
and illogical with an underlying architecture of reality.

Composition plays a large role in each of my prints,

where the twisting, physical agony draw the eye in to convey tension
and conflict. An attention to line quality is incorporated to achieve
a sense of contrast and to further stage the drama of the violence
in an image, pinpointing the climax of a moment. Though intensity
and violence are involved, dark humor is also incorporated;
a balance of violence and comedy is part of capturing the
lighter side of dark situations. The animals reflect human nature
and are dramas of human adversities that result from a lack of
self control and restraint.


  • printmaking: etchings
  • woodcuts
  • intaglio. drawing and illustration.